Devereux Consulting was founded in 2010 to serve the needs of government and nonprofit clients. Across all areas of expertise, the company has served over 30 separate clients including many repeat engagements.
We serve our clients with effective solutions that involve data collection, data management, research and analysis to inform strategy. The principals at Devereux Consulting bring a unique combination of education and experience to provide high quality services.
Olivia Devereux, MS (Univ. of Maryland, 2006)
Olivia H. Devereux, M.S., is an environmental scientist with expertise in BMP planning and implementation and nutrient trading. She has performed water quality assessments, was the scientific lead in developing Scenario Builder, the system that distributes nutrients to the land used by the Chesapeake Bay Program to create inputs to the Watershed Model. She also is the scientific lead in developing the BayFAST and CAST-2017 tools and has played a key role in other environmental modeling initiatives.
Erik Devereux, PhD (Univ. of Texas-Austin, 1993)
Erik A. Devereux, Ph.D., is a strategic consultant and policy analyst with expertise in quantitative and qualitative research, data analysis, program evaluation, and the logic of policy interventions. Recent clients include scientific societies, mission-oriented nonprofits and universities. He also has a distinguished record of teaching public policy analysis at Carnegie Mellon University and American University.
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