Recent Projects Involving Data Acquisition and Management

Olivia Devereux, Environmental Scientist:
U.S. Geological Survey (Beltsville, MD): Data Accuracy of Agricultural Practices. Improve the data accuracy of agricultural practices reported to the Chesapeake Bay Program for Annual Progress Reviews. Develop a methodology to remove duplicates. Provide training to states to map NRCS best management practices to the National Environmental Information Exchange Network (NEIEN).
EPA-Chesapeake Bay Program (Annapolis, MD): Develop land use loading rate targets to calibrate the Phase 6 Watershed Model. Collect, organize and assess data from multiple sources. Automate the calculation of loading rate targets. Assess the accuracy of relative loading rates among all land uses by source sector.
Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (Dover, DE): Provide data tables and GIS data in the Delaware portion of the Chesapeake Bay watershed for land use, animal populations, best management practices (BMPs), and wastewater treatment facilities at a fine scale for development of a Watershed Management Plan that meets EPA 319 reporting criteria. Provide resulting loads from the BMP implementation  by source sector, land use, and watershed. Document data sources, methods, and key factors for understanding the BMPs and loads.

Maryland Department of the Environment (Baltimore, MD): Provide expertise for the development of a new data management system that will improve analysis of BMP implementation, data submission to the Chesapeake Bay Program, local TMDL development, and nutrient trading credit tracking.
Erik Devereux, Social Scientist:
American Society for Public Administration (Washington, DC): To support the development of a new Internet-based information resource for the field, conduct focus groups at the society's conference followed by a random sample survey of 2,000 society members.
Council for Advancement and Support of Education (Washington, DC): Conduct 30 structured key informant interviews for a project on diversity recruitment initiatives.

Indiana University, School of Public and Environmental Affairs (Bloomington, IN) and University of Washington, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance (Seattle, WA): Benchmark the required MPA capstone course against capstones offered at comparable schools.
Mid-Atlantic Water Program (Blacksburg, VA): Plan, convene and conduct two focus groups and 30 key informant interviews regarding a potential successor program (completed with Olivia Devereux).

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (New York, NY): Implement a global partner survey of 10,000 persons in five languages including building and cleaning the master invitation list, assisting with language translation, programming the survey online, managing three rounds of email invitations, providing regular progress updates, and producing the final data set for further analysis.

Social Science Consultants on behalf of Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank (Pittsburgh, PA): Combine five years of data on school nutrition programs with data on all K-12 schools in Pennsylvania to support analysis of uptake of subsidized school breakfasts.