Recent Projects Involving Client Strategy

Olivia Devereux, Environmental Scientist:
EPA-Chesapeake Bay Program (Annapolis, MD): 2010 TMDL Public Planning Involvement and Tracking. Facilitate the use of CAST and BayFAST to estimate output from the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Watershed Model and Scenario Builder and creates inputs to Scenario Builder for use by decision makers seeking reductions in nutrients flowing into the Bay. Provide public education and outreach on the use of these tools, including in-person and online seminars for state, county and local public officials, and the general public within the seven Chesapeake Bay jurisdictions. Increase engagement in planning and facilitate increased implementation of successful practices for reducing nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment in the watershed. The tools are publicly available online as follows (built with J7 LLC):
EPA-Chesapeake Bay Program (Annapolis, MD): Analyze options for responding to the sediment capacity limits of the Conowingo Dam. The analyis is part of ongoing efforts to respond to increases in nutrient and sediment flows into the Chesapeake Bay downstream of the dam.

Throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed: Participate in ongoing development of strategies for using nutrient trading and offsets to achieve the limits on nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment set under the 2010 Bay TMDL.
Erik Devereux, Social Scientist:
Indiana University, School of Public and Environmental Affairs (Bloomington, IN): Design and perform an internal assessment of the implementation of a long-range strategic plan, including advising on future assessments.
American Society for Public Administration (Washington, DC): Advise on launching of a new, Internet-based information resource for the field of public administration including content strategies.
Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis (Seattle, WA): Develop a long term financial roadmap and staffing plan, advise on strategies for membership and income growth, assist with incorporation and acquisition of tax exempt status, advise on changes to the bylaws.
American Institute for Innovative Apprenticeship (Washington, DC): Create a multi-year organizational development plan including a new Theory of Change.

Purdue University College of Liberal Arts (West Lafayette, IN): Conduct key informant interviews and prepare a report on strategies for launching a new Master's degree related to public policy.
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